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Post FREE Adverts, find stores, places, stuff for sale, services, accommudation, vehicles, properties, jobs, where to eat & sleep and much more with our e-Commerce Market Place Solutions!

South Africa Classifieds is a new and improved platform for South Africa that offers an all-in-one e-Commerce Market Place for free to empower South African communities and businesses with a toolkit to sell/buy anything securely online. We are proudly South African, and we promise to keep your information safe and secure, unlike other platforms that sell their databases for profit benefits.

We at SA Classifieds believe that everyone must have access to information, the latest technology, and tools for free!

Featuring intuitive buying, selling and bidding functionality, as well as job offering and business service promotion features. All aspects of the platform are designed to help its users to better buy and sell their goods and services online.

As a leading online marketplace, we have created a safe and convenient way for people to buy and sell virtually anything online at a fixed price or in an auction format.

As a result of our effective marketing campaigns, goods on the site are exposed to a high volume of traffic. That is why we attract a variety of sellers, from independent entrepreneurs to larger online retailers.

South Africa Classifieds is a classified ads platform that is driven by e-commerce for advertising and marketing your products/services, designed to easily buy, sell, rent, auction, and promote goods and services in South Africa.

Why Buy via Us?

You can buy just about anything on the South Africa Classifieds / MarketPlace, find the latest high-tech devices, brand-new consumer products, second-hand items, and difficult to find collectibles, at prices that are as a rule lower than elsewhere.

When shopping with us you can browse a wide range of products from thousands of sellers, so you can choose not only what you want to buy, but also which seller you want to buy from. That is why we have millions of shoppers bidding, buying and making offers to thousands of sellers via the website, mobile site and mobile apps.

Why Sell with us?

We offer a perfect solution for selling with the help of sophisticated e-commerce tools and with a minimum of investment. We offer great exposure to vendors as it is open for trading 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Free South Africa Classifieds
The power of Woo Commerce on Free South Africa Classifieds Online


Creating a free e-commerce store and selling products/services online has never been this easy! Our process is fast and offers the most powerful tools to expand any business online to increase sales and exposure nationally and globally. You can now manage your business/project online from one place even when you are on the go with our easy-to-use e-commerce mobile app!

Running and managing a business is a lot of work, takes organization and time management skills, and to make money you need sales and foot traffic which only happens when advertising and marketing your unique business, products, and services for people to know where to find you and what you have to offer.

Sure, marketing and advertising your business in newspapers, flyers and local advertising booklets work well for generating foot traffic to your doorstep, but you are limited to only the traffic generated through who read a specific newspaper or advertising medium you used to find your business or store and you are most likely not able to see a calculated progress report to keep track of all your marketing and advertising efforts.

Thanks to technology, the internet and creative developers we could create an e-commerce and classifieds platform that will enable your business to expand internationally in a few minutes and it does most of the work for you just like a Pocket PA to run your business online like a pro!

We distribute and market your business on all major platforms and search engines with our unique tailored designed Direct Advertising & Target Marketing Strategies to ensure you are searchable and found-able globally.

Imagine this, you can manage your whole business with login function at one place to check community updates, keep up with the news, read your favorite magazine articles with your cup of coffee and have a full report of orders, sales, and customers even before the day at work starts.

You can check your messages and orders for the day from customers across the world and can see how your business is growing every day with full analytic reports. Save time and money on phone calls and travel costs, video call or have meetings and interviews online with our Live Chat Tool. So by the time you get to the front door of your business, you only need to deliver your service/product.


Manage your business from your phone.


Receive payments securely online with a few payment gateways offers that manage your orders and checkouts.


We offer only the best and latest functions, features and plugins to ensure your customers get the best online shopping experience.


Let customers find you online. We connect buyers and sellers utilizing target marketing.




You are automatically registered as a Community Member when you create an account with us!


Post your status or anything you would like to share with our community, like news, articles, information, images, videos, etc.

View Who’s online!

Create Groups!

Find Friends and Build a Network!

Online Store integrated with Profile!



Publish your products, services or business on the South Africa MarketPlace and reach thousands of potential customers online with your very own E-commerce Online Store.



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Analytics Reports -Track DAILY sales, orders, deliveries, and stock in one place, anytime, anywhere!

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