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Msa1wp was established in 2018. is a non profit organisation, non government with no affiliation to political or commercial organisations. MSA1WP leader teacher Mignonne Shayle Anderson, authorized by Nelson Mandela, and SA  organisation, corporation, business, community and individual leaders, to drive SA Community service project in own Name  MSA1WP in own capacity, as authorized life experienced leader teacher, who served Nelson Mandela and SA  leaders leaders to achieve their own goal.  is an modern day movement  with balance of love in action for South Africa Community.



Hosting business meetings to drive positive and professional lives to communicate better personal and business image, attitudes, confidence, service and sales support results.

Who is it for?

All need a perfect living leader teacher, like Mandela who is attached to the spiritual mansions found within, who has business life experience, to introduce those who want live out the light and truth whilst living in the world, to unlock the full potential of South African community. All who know or want to meet Mignonne Shayle Anderson, authorized by Mandela and SA leaders, to provide free education skills based programme to achieve their own goal and grow a FREE Society with respect for all lives without any domination .


MSA1WP is registered under the Name  Mignonne Shayle Anderson, non profit business, providing free education,  leaders teachers positive and professional approach education skills based programme, based on the principles the saints, mystics, sages, from all religions have taught throughout the ages, centered around voluntarism.
The principles include showing respect and empathy towards all living Beings by following a plant  based diet. To avoid toxic, habit forming substances that disturb the mind, thereby abstaining from recreational and habit forming drugs, alcohol, smoking. To lead a fair and honest life, with sex within a committed relationship, and living within local laws. To meditate daily on the unspoken and unwritten word, to still the mind, as taught by all perfect living leaders teachers who are recognized by their attachment to the Sacred heavenly Sounds found within creation.
 Meditation is the balanced giving of time, skills, resources, funds, services and supplies, to meet needs in community, as a peaceful way to live, work and travel freely, to be without worry, whilst meeting needs in community, to grow unity and agreement.

Mother South Africa One  World Peace (MSA1WP) along with its international supporters,  is a spiritual organisation, based on the teachings mystics, saints, masters, sages have taught throughout the ages and is committed to a process of inner restoration of soul mind and body under a life time experienced leader teacher, who teaches by living example, using a method which enables a client/sponsor/supporter to live out their full potential and achieve their own goal.

MSA1WP is where lovers of the Lord gather together to build a peaceful place to live in, work and travel from. We bring our love instead of fear, forgiveness instead of anger, friendliness instead of hostility, encouragement instead of jealousy, support and co-operation instead of strife and conflict.
Mother is where all were born from. The greatest love of a mother is to be nurturing, protective, productive, with positive and professional approach.
Over time social values have changed. The basic sacred teachings have become exaggerated with extra rules and rituals and eventually become a religion.
Besides the outreach activities Msa1wp aims to keep the teachings simple and easy to understand.
Msa1wp belief is there is a spiritual purpose to human life – to experience the sacred Power of love and peace that lives in the mind and body of all of us.  It is through this experience that we  understand that there is only one Almighty Power and that we ate all expressions of unconditional love.
Central to Msa1wp education skills based programme is a voluntary teacher, who coaches leaders teachers in positive and professional approach education skills based programme, which explains the purpose of life and coaches clients/supporters/sponsors, in a way of life, based on daily meditation practice.
South Africa refers to the country community which is where  Nelson Mandela was born as a freedom leader teacher to authorize Mignonne Shayle Anderson to lead teach positive and professional approach to liberate lives by  living example, to grow unity and harmony for SA to build peaceful places to live, work and travel from, to be without worry, whilst meeting needs in community with focus in growing better lives in the Spirit of Togetherness and Peace.  is modern day community led and taught by Mignonne Shayle Anderson for SA Community.
Msa1wp was established in 2018 and is gradually spreading to other communities and countries.
Msa1wp holds meetings for those who cannot visit the leader teacher in Plettenberg Bay. is a non profit organisation with no  affiliation to political or commercial organisations.
The foundation of all religion is Unworldliness Sacredness.
Msa1wp present leader teacher is  Mignonne Shayle Anderson who lives with her family in Plettenberg Bay.
By practicing the meditation as taught by the teachers instructions , individuals can experience the Presence of God within themselves.
Its a lonely practice done in a quite place.
Sponsors/clients/supporters commit themselves to a way of life that supports purity of Soul, mind and body, whilst accountable to their family, friends and society.
There are no rituals, no ceremonies, no mandatory fees, nor are there compulsory   meetings.
There is no need to give up own identity or religious practice.
Supporters/clients, sponsors guide
It is a common belief that the Sacred Source of Power, is known by listening to Sounds coming from Silence found within creation, which manages lives. It is by attachment to the Sounds found within creation,  that the Power in the mind and body can be  managed, to lead own dream life.
re,Malaysia, Mauritius and is settled in Garden Route South Africa with her family.
Organisation, corporation, business, community leaders teachers, who are interested to achieve their goal,  attend and host the leaders teachers life coaching positive and professionsl approach programme, to benefit SA residents and visitors to SA.
The objective is to grow better lives for health and safety, social and economic balance, by improving image, relationship, attitudes, service,  support and outcomes.


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