Let us sell your products/services on the South Africa Classifieds Marketplace Online Store

Don't have TIME or MONEY to invest in the power of eCommerce? We have a solution to BOOST your sales and EXPAND your customer base! Let us sell your products/services on the South Africa Classifieds Marketplace Online Store! We only ask a small service fee of 10% for each successful order!

We do all the work so that you can focus on growing your business and us on your brand!


We create your online eCommerce Online Store

We collect all data needed to complete your store setup and customize it to fit your brand and business model. So even-though you have a website, you can still embed your eCommerce Store Page into your current website as a page or simply share your store link so that customers can easily buy your products/services securely online!

We dont need to stock your product to sell it!

You can be rest assured that your products and money is save with us! You keep your products, and once we received an order and payment are made successfully, you will be notified and will be provided with the transaction and shipping/courier details where you are responsible to get the product to your customer. Once the customer have received their order, we will then pay you for the product sold to ensure transparency and a safe method of trading online, which reduce risk of loss and fraud.If the customer don't receive their order their money will get paid back fully and your services/business will be verified again to be able to trade under the South Africa Classifieds Marketplace to ensure customer safety and service quality offered by the South Africa Classifieds Marketplace.

Get notified of each order the way you like it!

We will notify you of each order received via our Marketplace Online Store the way you like it, whether its via E-mail or WhatsApp, however you want it, we setup the best option for your to receive orders anytime, anywhere 24/7.

How to get started?

Simply fill in the form below to be contacted by one of our friendly and professional consultants to collect all your store and product details to open your eCommerce Store. We work closely with our suppliers and clients with the aim to build lifetime business relationships and partnerships enabling all parties to benefit from our services offered to improve sales and brand exposure in the South African Communities as well as global exposure.

How much does it Cost?

We only ask a small service fee of 10% of each order processed successfully via our South Africa Marketplace Online Store.

Save time, money and have more time on your hands to grow your business and client relationships!

We do all the work for you so that you can focus on your business to achieve your goals and targets! With our solution you will receive weekly reports and analytic reports that tracks your visitor counts, orders, sales, customer information and much more!