Johannesburg traffic: Routes affected by xenophobic attacks

Some routes in Johannesburg have been backed up by heavy traffic for hours, on Monday.


The situation in Johannesburg has not improved, almost two weeks after the xenophobic attacks broke out in Gauteng.

Xenophobic attacks: What’s the latest?

After a quiet end to last week, attacks against foreign nationals living in Johannesburg broke out again on Sunday. What began as a gathering to hear former IFP leader, Mangosuthu Buthelezi’s plea for an end to the xenophobic violence, a splinter group staged a walk-out on the leader’s address and reaked havoc in the suburb.

Hundreds of rioters targeted foreign-owned shops and residential buildings in Jeppestown, Malvern, Cleveland and Maboneng.

The scale of the damage has yet to be measured and calculated. However, based on the information shared by JMPD head, David Tembe, on social media, an undisclosed number of foreign-owned shops have been damaged. It is believed that a building was also set alight, as well as a truck.

According to Tembe, at least two people have been killed since the violence broke out on Sunday. According to JMPD spokesperson, Wayne Minaar, however, the death involving a person who was shot and killed in Denver, has yet to be verified to see if “it is linked to the violence or not”.

How many people have been arrested?

Johannesburg law enforcement agencies have managed to restore law and order in the city, on Monday. While things seem to have calmed down, police have remained on high alert for any possible violence that may erupt in areas that are known to house foreign nationals.

So far, police have made 17 arrests related to the violent riots. The suspects are expected to appear before the courts in the next 24 to 48 hours.

Johannesburg traffic: Routes affected by violent riots

The traffic situation in Johannesburg is not as bad as it was a day ago. Police have been working since the break of dawn to remove the burned rubble and debris that was left piled up in the middle of the streets.

According to information shared by @TrafficSA on social media, on Monday, these Johannesburg roads are currently experiencing heavy traffic backlogs:

  • William Nicol Drive
  • Peter Place
  • Republic Road towards Sandton
  • M1 highway (North) a fatal car crash in Melrose has backed up traffic in both directions

There have been no indications of a brewing unrest in the city, as yet. However, it is likely that police agencies will remain on the ground to ensure that we do not see the disturbing images of pure violence we bore witness to on Sunday.

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