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why use our c.v writing services?

Although the economy is showing signs of recovering, many people are still out of work or are about to be. And as the labor market improves, large numbers of workers are again considering making a job change. So, in this highly competitive market with lots of people vying for the same opportunities, how do you get that edge over the other job seekers? How can you make sure your candidacy stands out?

Having a great presentation of your credentials is still one of the best and most effective methods, whether that presentation is a profile on a networking site, a resume, a CV, or an executive bio. Recruiters and company executives continue to look at written sources for candidate information even though the methods may have changed from just mail to mail, fax, email, and online application.

Here, then, are the top 10 reasons (and there are many more) why using a professional resume writer like us will be well worth the investment and will give you that competitive advantage:

1. Looks matter: The very first impression you give may be your only one if you do not appear to meet the employer’s needs and expectations. Executive-level resumes should have a polished, professional appearance that is free of errors and clearly displays your most important and compelling information.

2. An Objective View: Most people find it difficult, if not impossible, to take an objective look at their education and career. What to include, what to leave out, what to emphasize – all good questions. Having an experienced career professional look at your work history will enable you to trim the excess while adding in what matters most to prospective employers.

3. Identifying Your Value: Quite often we undervalue what we have done in our jobs. We think that everyone does that – no big deal. Resume writers will solicit the necessary details of your career in order to craft an accomplishment/outcome-based document that demonstrates your past and future value to a company.

4. Don’t Be a Do-It-Yourselfer: Just as most of us shouldn’t be our own doctor, lawyer, plumber, or mechanic, we shouldn’t write our own job search documents. No one expects you to be an expert at something you do once every two to five years or more. There is no way for you to have the skill and knowledge to create the best job search materials. Some things are best left to professionals who do this every day.

5. Save Yourself Time: We frequently hear from job seekers who spent weeks and even months fine tuning their resume. Instead of delaying the start of your job search AND the start of a new job, hire a pro to help you in preparing the best product in a reasonable timeframe.

6. Have the Inside Track: Career professionals and resume writers are in the know about what recruiters and hiring authorities want in a resume. We’ve surveyed them on their preferences and pet peeves. We write resumes that are appropriate for various industries, as well as career levels.

7. Times Change: Just because you’ve always done it that way doesn’t mean your old resume style will still work. Resume writers keep current on the state of their art through certifications, professional affiliations, and ongoing training. You’ve kept up-to-date on your industry and so have we.

8. Save Money: Let’s face it, the job search process costs money to conduct in addition to the lost income while you are out of work or underemployed Paying a resume service may seem like more money going out the door; however, this is definitely a worthwhile investment. We hear almost daily from clients who have found jobs that were professionally and financially rewarding. If you compare the salary lost from a prolonged job search with the cost of job search documents that will expedite the process, you will find yourself financially far ahead.

9. Partner with a Professional: All too often we are uncomfortable discussing our career concerns and uncertainties with family and friends. How fortunate to have someone who not only understands what you are going through, doesn’t judge you, and actually has very helpful advice to guide you to the next step in your professional life. That’s what you get with a resume writer.

10. A Great Product: Let’s face it. We are very good at what we do. We know how to write, we are excellent wordsmiths, we are whizzes at word processing, and our resumes get results. This is our business, we do it extremely well, and we all have hundreds of satisfied customers to support that claim.

In summary, this is one of those times where it pays to go to an expert. As I always say: If your resume isn’t a Winner, it’s a Killer. Do it right.



Supercharge your job hunt: seven benefits of a great CV

Consider your CV not as an expense but as a means to raise your game, your profile, your confidence and your salary.

Here are seven reasons why investing your time, effort and hard-earned money in a great CV will pay dividends:

1.       A GREAT CV creates the right mindset

A professionally written CV really does put you in the right frame of mind for your job search.  If you look good on paper, you’ll feel good about yourself, about your skills, your experience and what you have achieved.  If your head is in the right place, and you feel confident and upbeat about your offering and your prospects, you’ll give out a positive vibe.  As they say, self-confidence will get you more dates than simply being attractive – self-confidence IS attractive.

2.       A GREAT CV reduces the legwork in your job search

A targeted, well-written and attractively presented CV will reduce the legwork in your job search.  You could continue to use your old CV, apply to hundreds of job adverts and, sure, at some point, you may get a response.  Maybe in a month, maybe in a year… who knows?  If you’d rather get results now and save yourself hours and hours of precious time, then a professionally written CV is worth the investment.

3.       A GREAT CV puffs up your chest with pride

Customers often say to me, ‘I didn’t realise how much I had actually achieved, until I saw it all written out on paper’.  Writing a great CV gives me a warm feeling but, more importantly, it gives the individual concerned pride in their accomplishments to date.  Week to week, year to year, there may be certain projects or challenges that give you a sense of achievement, but it’s not often you get to review all of your career highlights in one go.  It’s a revelation!

4.       A GREAT CV flexes your employability muscle

If you put forward the best possible representation of your professional self, you can truly test what the market thinks you are worth.  A confident summary will position you in the recruiter’s mind – if you recognise your own value, then others will consider you as someone who can command respect and a salary commensurate with what they know they can offer.   Test it out and see just how strong you are.

5.       A GREAT CV creates a buzz of excitement

A great CV can give impetus to your job search – you’ll be excited about it, you’ll want to share it and let people know what you have to offer.

If you have targeted your new CV to meet the requirements of a particular opportunity, your excitement will spread to your recruiter, who will be thrilled that you have made it easy for them to put forward a suitable candidate for their latest vacancy.

If you use your new CV as the basis to update your LinkedIn profile, your professional network will suddenly become aware of your skills and experience.  They may think they know you already, but a professionally written CV can uncover new insights and present you in a new light.  Once they are fully aware of what you have to offer, the next time a relevant opportunity arises, they are more likely to think of you.

6.       A GREAT CV offers a firm footing for the future

Whether you are just starting out or making a considered move from one role to another, your first step forward can be everything.  Get that first job right and everything can roll from there.  A new job can offer extensive learning opportunities (both on-the-job and through formal training), a chance to build and leverage a strong professional network and even develop prospects you never imagined you’d have.

A compelling CV is vital to secure that ideal job.  It’s worth the effort to write one as the rewards could be beyond your wildest imaginings.  If you put out a lacklustre CV, chances are that you’ll secure a lacklustre job.  You are worth more than that.  So go all out and choose the best version of your future with a first class CV.

7.       A GREAT CV increases confidence, helping you to stand tall

I’ve said it before, but this is worth repeating as it really is true, if you feel confident, you will stand straighter.  If you stand straighter, you’ll stand head and shoulders above other applicants.

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