Crowdfunding to Launch – Reaching out to our Christian Community in South Africa

Crowdfunding to Launch SA's all-in-one FREE South Africa Classifieds eShop Marketplace (Pty) Ltd

We are reaching out to our Christian Communities across South Africa, asking for support and help to raise capital to launch our platform into the market to not just benefit your church organization/institution and Members, but also young entrepreneurs, musicians, artists, business owners, organizations and local communities across South Africa!

Please allow us the opportunity to introduce to you SA’s 1st & Only Free South Africa Classifieds eShop Marketplace Platform/Network, tailored designed and specifically developed for South Africa to offer a all-in-one solution to empower communities and businesses across South Africa, almost ready to launch into the market to make a difference in creating a safe and secure environment for South Africans to connect, shop and trade nationally online with the power of e-Commerce, absolutely FREE.

Why support our initiative?

The Platform does not only focus on trading and a secure shopping environment from the comfort of one's home with the Free South Africa Classifieds eShop Marketplace, it also offer other functions to benefit South African's.

It offers artists and musicians a platform to showcase their talents with the option to sell their art or music in a downloadable format to customers, also offering a Free Classifieds to publish unlimited free adverts, a Free Job Board, catering for every industry, a secure SA Community Network to share information, news and to connect with friends and ability to create groups to connect communities and business entrepreneurs all in one place.

We also offer a SA Agri Marketplace to support local farmers and service providers, plus we also created an online e-Church, Crowdfunding and e-Learning Platform, with a live video Broadcaster and Channels function to utilize, with a scam-free solution for online shoppers to avoid corruption and unethical business practices and so much more! 

It is truly a all-in-one solution tailored developed network/platform, made with passion and love for our people and country, it’s the first platform on planet earth to offer basically everything you need all in one place!

Our Mission is to offer South Africa a safe and secure Community Network to connect communities to support their local artists, musicians, businesses, organizations and young entrepreneurs with a free online Marketplace offering the latest technology, tools and functions currently available on the planet to be able to shop or trade safely online.

Our aim is to offer a easy-to-use platform to fit anyone’s needs all from one place, especially during the fight against the Covid19 Pandemic, whilst focusing on creating job opportunities across South Africa and to also offer training to unemployed and young people to become self-employed in selling/auctioning products and services of local businesses and service providers nationwide without any capital outlay to earn a passive income which fight against poverty and the unemployment rate of South Africa which reached new heights of 63.1% unemployed people in South Africa.

FREE SA eShop Marketplace


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Benefits this platform offer your Church and Members:

Online Church Services

Enable your church to offer live video broadcasting services with your own unique channel, where everyone can tune in and attend the service online from the comfort of one's home or anywhere in the world!

Online Studies and Schooling

Offer your students the ability to take lessons and Bible studies online anywhere, anytime. Offering easy registration as a Student or Teacher with one dashboard to track Students progress, exam results and online tutoring.

Accept secure online payments and donations

Our platform offer easy payment methods to be able to accept online payments, donations and contributions towards your church services. We have multiple payment gateways to choose from and you can manage finances easily with provided analytic reports accessable anytime, anywhere.

Online Bookings for Church Events, Bazar's and Fundraising Campaigns

Easily manage online bookings and Church Events, plus keep track and manage fundraising campaigns and causes from one place.

e-Church Platform

We are almost ready to offer the e-Church Platform to South Africa. 

Like any platform, it requires a SSL Certificate and are fundraising for the capital to pay our yearly service fee to hand it over to our Christian Community. 

We are asking your help and support by donating towards finalizing this platform for the Christian Community. 

Find our crowdfunding campaigns to donate/sponsor in the page further down below.

Feel free to visit and explore the platform, and please send any suggestions to help us improve the platform, your input and advice will be highly appreciated!

We are devoted Partners, passionate and ethical business minded individuals who have been working on this project since 2019, born and created from a cave with difficult challenges, little resources and very hard work. We are extremely persistent and need to get this platform launched as soon as possible to help save businesses in SA during the Covid19 Pandemic and please need your help and support to achieve our Goals and Mission.

Emmerentia (Amy) Janse Van Vuuren & Louis Pretorius

FOUNDERS & DIRECTORS @ South Africa Classifieds eShop Marketplace (Pty) Ltd

Reg.No. 2021/502604/07

How you can help and support our initiative:

Share and spread the word!

You can help by sharing this initiative with friends, family and your Christian Community. If you know someone who will benefit from this platform tell them about it, whether its someone with talents seeking a way to earn an income or perhaps a business owner in need of free e-Commerce solutions to help them save money, your voice and action can benefit others and is the most powerful tool and way in helping and supporting a cause that matters.


Trough Prayer and Faith we have managed to be blessed everyday in all kinds of ways to be able to do what we do, and led us to getting this far in serving human kind with our talents, skills and time spend on Earth, the one thing God ask from all of us. With the power of your prayer, faith, trust, believe, and for asking for God's protection, blessing and guidance over us and this mission, will make this initiative a success and will help us to achieve our goals to change lives of others, empowering millions of people and let others see the work of God's Hands. Please take the time to pray for us everyday, because the power of prayer turn the impossible things in this universe, into the possible...

Become part of the SA Community Network

To show your care and support, you can join our Community Network in creating a Free Account which only takes under 3 minutes of your valued time. All you have to do is enter your preferred user name, enter your email address and choose a password. You only then need to check your email inbox to click on the activation link to register as a Member. *If you did not have time to access your email inbox to activate your account, we will activate it for you and will give you access to the network in less than 24hours.

Donate/Sponsor to help us raise the funds

We are asking a small contribution to help us raise the capital we need to launch the platform for South African's to use. Developing and maintaining a platform like this cost a lot of capital. The platform offers functions like Facebook, Bid or Buy, Amazon, Go Fund Me, You Tube, Impak Schooling and more combined and took a lot of time, skill and development costs to get this far. We need the capital for Marketing & Advertising the platform, to develop it into an Mobile App to easily download it from the Google Play Store and to also pay for the hosting to keep it live and active on the internet and available for South Africans to enjoy and use.

Success is where preparation and opportunity meet.

Calling all Business Owners / Leaders to Support our Intiative

We are asking support from Business Owners / Leaders across South Africa to list their business / organization on our powerful SA Business Directory – GEO Finder for a small contribution of only R369 Per Year Subscription Fee to help fuel our initiative and reach our goals to drive and fulfill our Mission to offer a FREE eShop Marketplace for South Africa to empower young entrepreneurs, musicians, artists, businesses and organization with the power of e-Commerce.

List your Business/Organization

Support us by listing your Business/Organization below. Once we received your listing published, you will be notified by our Advertising Department via email with a link to process your payment to activate your listing. ***We also want to pay it forward!*** If you heard about us via your Church, and your Church Organization are one of our ambassadors and on our Sponsors List, you can respond to our email send by our Advertising Department to process a 10% of your contribution to go to your Church Organization.

Our Sponsors List

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