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Some people dream of success, while others get up every morning and make it happen.

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Taking Businesses, Organizations and Communities to the Next Level Online with world class technologies and the power of e-commerce!

South Africa Classifieds eShop Marketplace (Pty) Ltd was born out of a Cave in Wilderness with Passion, Persistency and Determination by Founders and Managing Directors Louis Pretorius & Emmerentia Janse Van Vuuren to fulfill a Mission initiated since 2019 to create the world’s first all-in-one platform dedicated towards their country to help buyers, businesses, organizations, communities, young entrepreneurs, and overall economy of South Africa with an online network solution to connect, share and empower South African’s! 

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By investing into our Network you will enable us to provide the first All-in-One Online Platform for SA to empower Communities and our Next Generation.

We are selling 80 Shares of SA's first All-in-One Online Marketplace Platform

@ Only R369 999.99 Per Share

Success is where preparation and opportunity meet.

Please find below the estimated Sales & Financial Forecast for potential share profits for your investment.

*Please note that the following figures are excluding VAT, and does not include other marketing & adverting add-on services like Featured Ads and Banner Ads etc., Covid19 Business Solutions offered, plus 50 town based and 9 provincial Sister Micro Marketplaces to be developed and integrated into the South Africa Classifies eShop Marketplace Network and Printed Edition & Online Digital Magazine to offer the first full comprehensive Online Business Directory and Free Marketplace to Bid/Buy/Sell locally or nationally online!

We are Launching the Business in November 2021 and the first Printed Edition & Online Digital Magazine will be published in January 2022.

We are going Global!

We are planning on offering the Business Module & Blueprint to Countries Globally in 2022.


Our Unique Product/Service

Another famous quote

Success is not a good teacher, failure makes you humble.

Our Mission

We offer every business in SA to be part of our unique Network and Online Solutions, if an business can’t pay the Membership Fee to join the Network we offer them the benefit to pay in products/services to be sold/auctioned or additionally we can sell and promote their business @ a fixed 3% commission service fee via our own eShop Marketplace & Online Network including outsourced services & partners for the best exposure online to target potential customers locally and nationally online. 

Why it is important?

Money won't create success, the freedom to make it will.

We created the Do4Others Initiative to give each young Entrepreneur a computer/laptop/phone and accessories to work properly and effectively in growing their start-up business with our FREE e-Shop Marketplace Solutions through creating a Free e-Shop  to sell products and services of their community and business sector who simply don’t have the time to manage their own online e-Shop. The young Entrepreneurs will be able to earn a passive income whilst growing businesses and organizations in their communities. Join us and be part of this important mission, creating thousands of job opportunities and empowering young businesses minded Entrepreneurs and Game Changers to start a business with no capital outlay for products and services to offer the market!

Help us fight poverty and unemployment in SA!

Your Investment Returns

Potential Profits @ 1% Share for only R369 999.99


The following figures excludes outsourced Marketing Agencies, plus other Partnered Platform Mediums,and are only based on the performance of our own experienced, target driven and passionate Sales Team of 300 Sales Representatives for each industry in 10 Major Towns in SA.

Sales Target: 10 Business Membership Clients Per Day from Mon – Fri.



300 x Sales Representatives @ 10 Sales = 3000 Clients

x 20 Working Days = 60 000 Clients 

x 12 Months = 720 000 Clients 

x R200.00 (After Commission Payouts) = R144 000 000.00

–  R4 500 000.00 (Business  Annual Running Costs & Expenses)


1% SHARE – R1 395 000.00

First Year End: February 2022 
*The Above figures are based on 12 months of business trading operations. 

1st Year End Profit Potential

(3 Months)
180 000 Clients/Sales = R346 500.00


* PLEASE NOTE – According to an extensive Market Research our target market is 13 Million registered Businesses in SA.

Annual Profit Per Share

1 000 000 Business Account Memberships – R2 386 500.00 

2 000 000 Business Account Memberships – R4 500 000.00

3 000 000 Business Account Memberships – R7 195 500.00

4 000 000 Business Account Memberships – R9 595 500.00

5 000 000 Business Account Memberships – R11 995 500.00

6 000 000 Business Account Memberships – R14 395 500.00

Investment Process

How the process work to become a Share Holder:

Follow our fast and easy process to buy your Share:

1st STEP

Book an Online Meeting to ask any questions you may have about the Business Venture.

 Email us at or phone 066 588 3966 to book an Meeting with Founding Directors.

2nd STEP

Buy your Share securely online to secure your order.

3rd STEP

Receive your legal share holder agreement contract, business plan and Share Holder Account CPanel to track and keep updated on business progress and operations provided with full analytic reports accessible anytime from any device.

*Your Share Certificate will be issued via Company Partners and may take up to 2 weeks after your order was processed.