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Our Unique Affiliation Program offers you a very profitable opportunity with little effort and a very easy method to generate an income, in just a few easy steps!

By joining our Affiliation Program for Free you will be earning 25% Commission for each business signing up with our Business Account Membership, offering them the most advanced online solutions for their business.

Our online services offered to businesses are uniquely developed with world-class technologies to help their business expand and grow nationally online, which means you can feel confident in promoting our Brand!

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Becoming an Affiliate for us is very easy, you simply must follow the following steps to start earning an income today!

How our Affiliation Program Works:

Step 1:

Create an Affiliate Account – (CLICK HERE)

You will be welcomed with your own dashboard to receive your own unique URL Link to use when promoting our Brand! It will also give you a full analytic report on how many sales you have generated, and you can withdraw your commission anytime all from one place!

Just follow the settings provided, and if you get stuck, send us an email to for support and friendly assistance!

Please note: You will need to choose a Payout Gateway. We recommend PayPal, it’s the most trusted and easy method to receive payments online.

To create an account is very easy and you can treat it as an online wallet and payout your commission straight into your own personal bank account when you need it!

There is a 48 Hour delay for your money to reflect into your bank account and a small service fee for the transaction, but once you get started on our Affiliation Program, you will be able to generate and receive commission payouts from your marketing efforts daily!

(Here is a Step-to-Step guide to create your PayPal Account)

Step 2:

Download your Marketing Content – (CLICK HERE)

You can choose between easy methods to perform target marketing with your unique URL Link! We offer downloadable marketing content for you, all you have to do is share it with the world!

You can choose between sharing posters on social media including your unique URL Link on every post you publish to drive traffic and generate instant sales!

Or you can take the more advanced option and generate even more sales with our Bulk Email Marketing Option to target businesses professionally and effectively! You simply must fill in a form to receive a professional email address assigned to you. For Example

You will receive your Email Marketing Content, the Login URL, and details with the password provided to log in and start your Bulk Email Marketing Venture! You will then have to search Google and find Email Addresses Online to target Businesses of your choice. You might think this seems to be hard work, but in the end, you must remember that Businesses pay reoccurring membership fees, and you will be earning from every client monthly for as long as they have a Business Account with us, so it’s well worth your effort as this is the most effective way of earning a passive income!

We also offer another add-on option with the Bulk Email Marketing Plan to advertise our services online on major advertising platforms if you would like to drive more sales! If you take on the add-on offer when signing up, you will receive advertorial content and featured images to publish adverts on your preferred advertising mediums to increase sales revenue. In this case, there are strict rules to follow, but in doing so we ensure you will be generating a passive income with your unique Affiliation URL Link through the art of advertising and marketing like a Pro!

Step 3

Sit back, relax, and get paid!

See how your marketing efforts pay off in keeping an eye on your dashboard daily, you will be able to withdraw your available commission on display anytime, anywhere!

What are you waiting for? Create your Affiliate Account and start earning today!

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