About South Africa Classifieds eShop Marketplace


About South Africa Classifieds eShop Marketplace

We shape our businesses, communities and youth; thereafter they shape us.


Taking Businesses, Organizations and Communities to the Next Level Online!

South Africa Classifieds eShop Marketplace (Pty) Ltd was born out of a Cave in Wilderness with Passion, Persistency and Determination by Founders and Managing Directors Emmerentia (Amy) Janse Van Vuuren & Louis Pretorius to fulfill a Mission initiated since 2019 to create the world’s first all-in-one platform dedicated towards their country to help buyers, businesses, organizations, communities, young entrepreneurs, and overall economy of South Africa.


Advertising & Marketing

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Functions, Tools & Benefits

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Our Team

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SA Business Directory - #1 GEO Finder

The Founders are fully involved and part of this initiative and call all business owners to support the Mission, making a brighter and better future for South Africa, the Business Sector, and our Next Generation. Truth is our Entrepreneurs and Leaders have the power to accomplish change and prosperity, together we can make a real difference and need your support to turn this hopeful dream for our families, friends, and South African Communities into reality. It starts with you and before we know it we will see and experience the outcome of our efforts. You can contribute and join this Mission by listing your Business/Organization on the SA Business Directory with a powerful GEO Finder for customers to find you, even on the go, for only R369 Per Year! That’s only R1 a day your business contributes to help make this initiate successful to fulfil its purpose and fullest potential! You can learn more about it here…

FREE SA eShop Marketplace

The Covid19 Pandemic made them relocate from their Cave Home to Klerksdorp, the only place they could find the resources to launch the platform into the market, to save thousands of businesses with the power of Free Online e-Commerce Solutions with their Free SA eShop Marketplace platform, offering the latest tools and features globally available, tailored designed to trade professionally and easily nationally online instead of just locally without any developing knowledge required, with one user friendly interface dashboard to manage their whole business online all from one place.

The platform focus on building Brands and Communities together to encouraging to support locally and offer Advertising and Marketing exposure and solutions with SEO Optimized Services to be found on all major search engines with share tools to social media and other platforms, also partnering with other platforms and online service providers to ensure that businesses gets the best exposure with the functionality to track sales, marketing and advertising efforts with analytic reports accessible from the User Panel Dashboard anytime to see how one’s business are growing and expanding, reaching sales goals and fullest potential of the business/organization.

No more Scams, Corruption or Illegal and Immoral Trading Practices

The safest online trading solution now available to South Africans! Offering complete customer satisfaction and security. Online Shoppers are now able to bid/buy locally or nationally securely and safely online, with a unique third-party service integrated offered by Escrow Services to eliminate all Scams, Corruption, and all Illegal and Immoral trading practices to ensure the Buyer gets his/her order delivered and satisfied for the Supplier/Seller/Vendor to receive payment for the order made. You can learn more about this service here…

SA Community Network

This platform serve all South Africans with SA’s very own tailored designed, safe and secure SA Community Network (similar to Facebook), with a Free SA Classifieds to publish free adverts and to find anything locally anytime, anywhere!


Not only does this platform offer Businesses and Organizations an online solution, it’s also designed for Artists, Musicians and Online TV Channels and Broadcasters too! South Africans are now able to bid or buy arts and crafts, download music for free or pay per music album or track and music player for users to listen to music online, plus tune into local Channels and live broadcastings suitable for local producers, church services and much more!


The platform also offer a crowdfunding function (similar to GoFundMe) specifically designed for Organizations, Companies and Start-ups to track and raise funds for their causes and campaigns.

FREE SA Job Board

It also provides a Free SA Job Board for Businesses, Organizations and Recruiters to post unlimited job vacancies, track applications and much more, whilst Job Seekers can create an online resume on their Profile to apply for job vacancies and present and showcase their skills and experience professionally acting like an online CV to attract potential Employers.

SA Church Network

The platform offer Churches and Religious Institutions an all-in-one tailored designed Online Church platform to offer online services, collect online payments and broadcast live with a e-Learning Function to offer online courses and Bible Studies.

Online e-Learning

Every School or Educational Institutions are now able to offer online e-Learning Solutions to their Learners. Teachers or Lecturers can create an account, upload courses, lessons and quizzes plus exams and keep record of Learners results, offering online tutoring and support, and much more! You can learn more here…

SA Agri Marketplace

Also offering a SA Agri Marketplace to empower farmers in the Agri Industry and also for customers to find and buy local produce and supporting their Farmers Markets now available online! This platform have a lot to offer, you can learn more about it here…

Do 4 Others - Young Entrepeneurs Initiative

The platform also assists with unemployment in South Africa creating thousands of jobs and an initiative called Do for Others for those unemployed and fighting against poverty to help young entrepreneurs start their own online business without any capital outlay for products or services to sell from their own Online eshop after receiving online training to manage their business remotely. The young Entrepreneurs are now able to sell products or services of small and large businesses and service providers who simply don’t have the time for managing an online eShop or running campaigns to grow their communities. The Mission is to setup centers across South Africa for anyone to enroll for training to start their own business to sell products and services in one’s community locally or nationally online. You can learn more about this initiative here –