About Business Venture – 80% Share’s for Sale

80% Share's for Sale @ South Africa Classifieds eShop Marketplace!

1st Year

Financial Projection & Forecast

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Let's Go!

We are selling 80% shares/ownership of South Africa Classifieds eShop Marketplace (Pty) Ltd, and want to remain as silent partners of the business but still active in decision making and implementing other add-on services to grow the business for a monthly salary.  

The new owner/share holder will be responsible for the business operations in meeting Milestones, reaching it’s fullest potential. Minimum potential profit for 80% shares are R1 293 446 253.60 for the first year and a monthly salary included.

The Business was registered with Company Partners and we have setup an Business Bank Account with Mercantile Bank and also have a  Payfast account to receive secure online payments from clients. 

The business have not yet launched and are selling shares to use some of the capital for startup capital to employ staff required to launch the marketplace into the market. We have a marketing strategy in place and will be using the services of Marketing Agencies, Newspapers, Magazines and TV Publishers to launch the platforms into the market with a Sales Team to meet Sales Targets and Goals. The Business require a Managing Director and MD Assistant to manage the business and work closely with the Regional Sales Manager and HR Recruitment Team to employ Cyber Security, Moderators, Customer Care Consultants, Web Developers, Sales Team and an Editor and Bloggers working in shifts to maintain the platform 24/7. 

This business is fully operational online and are open 24/7 and will provide job creation which focusses on empowering your business entrepreneurs and local businesses. 

Our main services offered are advertising and eShop solutions and the business income comes from Geo Business Directory Listings at only R369 P/M and Virtual Dating Sites with a subscription of R30 Per Month from the Main SA Platform and 50 Sister Micro Sites. 

It offers over 60 plugins with functions, the first platform to offer everything in one place with world class technologies.

The business are almost ready to launch into the market with 2 Micro Sister Sites and a Dating Site. The plan is to recruit qualified Junior Web Developers with a HR Recruitment Team to sign a working contract to develop and maintain all Sister Micro Sites to launch monthly into the market with online training and manual from Master Developer and Founder/Director Emmerentia Janse Van Vuuren. Every Developer will be responsible for maintaining his/her platform developed and will receive a monthly salary in keeping the site updated, backed-up and in working condition.

The business model works automatically with a low running costs and the profit returns are applaudable with minimum ratio on sales targets. 

Target Market Potential – We have done an extensive Market research and done surveys with business owners to understand our Target Market and understand client’s needs in finding the gap in the market, offering affordable advertising, the latest technology tools for an all-in-one solution and Marketplace to create FREE e-Commerce Online Stores to trade locally or nationally online to benefit every community and industry across South Africa.

Market Research have shown that there are over 50 Billion People in South Africa.

13 Million Registered Businesses across South Africa and 85% of the Market are self-employed, non-registered entrepreneurs.

Potential Clients are +/- 50Million Businesses and Organizations in South Africa.

Our Competitors:

SA Marketplace:

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Shop Marketplace




SA Business Directory


Service Difference: They charge Vendors 10% Commission Fee for every product sold via their Platform.

We are also in competition with Facebook, Amazon, Bid/Buy, Go FundMe, Careers24 and more, but non offer a all-in-one solutions for communities and businesses, town and nationally based. 

The business will be able to launch and run in 6 weeks when capital is received. For more information please contact us on 066 588 3966. 

About Us

New Free Online eShop Marketplace launching to help Small Businesses across South Africa

Since the Covid19 Pandemic it has become a long and hard struggle for small businesses in South Africa to survive and keep their doors open, and with Level 4 Lockdown facing us again will be devastating for small businesses and organizations which also affect local communities and the unemployment rate in South Africa.

To help Business Owners, Organizations and Local Communities across South Africa during this pandemic, an all-in-one free online marketplace platform has been created by passionate and devoted Founders, Emmerentia Janse Van Vuuren and Louis Pretorius to offer safe and secure online Shopping and Selling products and services locally and nationally with the powers of world-class e-Commerce technologies and make them easy and accessible to the masses. We’re proud to announce our plans to launch the one-stop commerce platform for consumers, organizations, merchants, artists, and businesses across South Africa to simplify, scale and provide exceptional online trading and shopping experiences. As a free online marketplace, we have created a safe and convenient way for people to buy and sell virtually anything online at a fixed price or in an auction, downloadable format.

The platform focuses on building Brands and Communities together in encouraging South Africans to support small businesses in their communities. The platform also offers a Free Job Board, Crowdfunding Solutions, Community Network and more!


We create & access opportunities between Businesses & Customers Nationally and even Globally, by marketing our clients’ quality products and services along with a unique tailored target marketing strategy.

South Africa Classifieds e-Shop Marketplace (Pty) Ltd is dedicated to helping Entrepreneurs, Businesses, Organizations grow with our Dedication to our client’s Success, and our Passion for Technology and the latest Online trends that deliver results. We are a team passionately focused on driving small business success. Our marketplace gives you the power to easily sell anywhere, to anyone across the internet where eShop Owners can control everything from a single platform with centralized inventory, order management, and pricing including multiple delivery methods, choose as many shipping rates and carriers as you like to provide you and your customers with the best experience

Opening an online store has never been easier. Offering small business merchants and entrepreneurs to easily set up an eShop in minutes to start selling fast. No need to abandon your existing site — your unique eShop URL link can be added virtually anywhere you have an online presence.

You have the freedom to operate multiple online stores including on your website, social media channels, and mobile devices. All payments, credit cards and transaction data are transmitted through the same secure HTTPS protocols used by the world’s largest banks, so merchant and customer data always stay secure with fast, secure payments and Security you can trust – Choose from Payfast, Paypal Stripe and multiple other payment gateway options to accept debit, credit card and online payments.


Our Team also assists with unemployment in South Africa creating thousands of jobs and an initiative called Do for Others for those unemployed and fighting against poverty to help young entrepreneurs start their own online business without any capital outlay for products or services to sell from their own Online eshop after receiving online training to manage their business remotely. 

The young Entrepreneurs are now able to sell products or services of small and large businesses and service providers who don’t have the time for managing an online eShop or running campaigns to grow their businesses and communities. The Mission is to set up centers across South Africa for anyone to enrol for training to start their own business to sell products and services in one’s community locally or nationally online.

The Founders are passionately fully involved and part of this initiative and call all business owners to support the Mission, making a brighter and better future for South Africa, the Business Sector, and our Next Generation.

Truth is our Entrepreneurs and Leaders have the power to accomplish change and prosperity, together we can make a real difference.

Businesses can contribute by listing their business on our powerful GEO Locator Business Directory for customers to easily find directions and places in South Africa online for only R369 Per Year

" We have been working on this project since early 2019 to bring change, help the unemployed and communities facing poverty across South Africa, whilst teaching our young generation the power of world class technologies to empower young entrepreneurs and local businesses and overall our Economy of South Africa. "

How the Business Works

Our Business Module are strategically planned with a marketing strategy recommended by a reliable and reputable Marketing Agency, from the Founder with over 30 years experience in the field to guarantee business success in meeting our goals and milestones. 

The plan is to launch 50 Micro Sister Sites, each with its own Virtual Dating Site for each town within 6 months before launching the main SA Platform into the market. Every Micro Sister Site will be integrated into the Main SA Platform for the best exposure and to be on top of search results on major search engines with our powerful and effective SEO Optimization Strategy Plan.

The most difficult weakness we had was to answer why we are different from platforms like Facebook, Amazon, BidorBuy, GoFundMe, Gumtree, Careers24 etc. which is already popular and why users will use our platforms instead of our competitors. By developing Town Based Micro Sister Sites we will be promoting local communities to support locally and offer each Major Town its very own eShop Marketplace and Dating Site which is safe and secure and privacy protected to build stronger communities and empowering local businesses. 


Our business module are unique and fully automated! 

Every aspect of the business are controlled and maintained all from one place, it offers a easy account setup and friendly user CPanel dashboard for staff and our management team to work remotely anywhere in SA! 

We offer the latest referral program solutions for our Sales Team to track marketing efforts, sales and commission payouts all from one dashboard from any device.

Our system is mobile friendly, easy to use and can be can be utilized from any device which offer our Team a all-in-one online working environment which tracks every activity and action performed to stay updated with the business processes, sales and growth.

We offer users multiple account levels which we manage from one interface with secure payment gateways like PayFast and other popular payment gateway options to pay for our services, offered to businesses, organizations and sellers. 

We offer the most unique marketplace on the planet with all the tools you need to run a successful online store for free. 

For more information about our services, business module, platform functions and strategic plans, please contact us on 066 588 3966 to discuss any questions and to direct you to more information.