‘A lifetime of hard work gone’: What readers have to say about lockdown Level 4

News24 readers responded with anger and disappointment to the announcement that the country will implement adjusted Level 4 lockdown measures.

Many were outspoken about what they believe is government incompetence that has led to this point.

“I wish government had prioritized a mass vaccine rollout so that a third wave could have been avoided. And I wish that our government wasn’t so corrupt and self serving that they hadn’t looted and taken advantage of a pandemic to steal. That money could have supported livelihoods,” said User 160401.

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“There have been many bad decisions; theft and incompetence. No argument there. Unfortunately, blame and anger won’t save lives now. The horse has bolted. Right now, if I am in an accident there is no hospital that can help… If we don’t do something there will be bodies in the streets. It’s horribly unfair. I lost my job in the first wave. I understand the pain. But I’m staying home. I can’t fight back if I’m dead…,” responded User 14122.

Graham C said: “The real problem we have is the total lack of enforcement of any of the regulations. The Level 3 restrictions were probably sufficient to flatten the third wave. Society didn’t listen and the state is too incompetent to enforce the regulations. Therein lies the real problem. SA simply cannot afford for Level 4 to continue longer than these two weeks. The economic impact will be devastating.”

The new lockdown measures saw the closure of restaurants and a ban on the sale of alcohol.

Some readers lamented the financial impact on those working in the hospitality, entertainment and restaurant industries.

“While I understand the need for a lockdown, all the lockdowns have ruined us more and more each time. The impact on the events industry is not reported on or supported. It’s frustrating. We tried to stay afloat with TERS during the first lockdown, but the payouts were abysmal,” said User 160401. “In the second wave we had to close. 12 lost permanent jobs, 8 lost casual jobs and the knock-on effect for supported family members is estimated at 45 people. I ended up losing medical aid, insurances, frozen overdrafts, children suspended from varsity. A lifetime of hard work gone.”

AuntyAlex7 said: “I am already living hand to mouth. I have already cut down drastically on food and have no meat as it is just too expensive. I am middle class and taking strain. How are poor people supposed to cope? Meanwhile the EFF is trying to get us Russian and Chinese vaccines that have already proven inefficient in Indonesia.”


Article Courtesy: News24

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